What is iSCSICLI?

iSCSICLI is the command line interface for the Microsoft iSCSI Software
Initiator. The msiscsi service must be started, before you can use it.


1. Set the iSCSI Initiator service to start automatically

sc \localhost config msiscsi start=auto

2. start the iSCSI Initiator service

sc start msiscsi

3. Add the target portal

iscsicli QAddTargetPortal <IP adress of portal>

4. Add the target

iscsicli QAddTarget <iqn adress of target>

5. Log in to the target

iscsicli QloginTarget <iqn adress of target>

More information in this article:


If you have some general questions to iSCSI maybe my video for the GUI helps
you a bit. Comments in the video are on german.

Watch this video on YouTube.


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