Windows Azure

Some very basic thoughts to Windows Azure…

Windows Azure is

  • SAAS – Software in cloud – i. e. Office 365
  • PAAS – Platform in cloud – for developer Application
  • IAAS – Infrastructure as a service – AD, DNS, IIS, …


Considerations must be made of the sync. Dirsync.exe can be used to sync the local environment with Azure and copy user, groups and passwords. But you should prefer to establish a real real DC in Azure and do regulary synchronisation. Your local environment will be connected to Azure via VPN.

  • Set up Azzure Account
  • Configure Network
  • Add VMS
  • Configure sites
  • Use DHCP (Azure has very long lease-times)
  • Add VMS (DC, DNS – point to corporate DNS – take care to use non cached Disk for NTDS)
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